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Whiplash Injury

Making a Whiplash Injury compensation claim in Scotland can be complicated. There is a great deal of evidence required both to prove the other party caused your injury and to support the compensation amount you are claiming. That is why you should ensure you seek advice from an expert Whiplash Injury solicitor. Only an expert Whiplash Injury solicitor will understand fully all the ways in which you should be compensated. The following are examples of the types of loss for which you can be compensated:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of amenity
  • Loss of earnings
  • Loss of future earnings
  • Care costs
  • Child care costs

These are just examples of the ways in which you may be compensated for your injury. Our specialist solicitors have substantial experience in dealing with car accident claims and will be able to advise you on your specific circumstances. Your solicitor will ask you questions about your accident in order to assess what evidence may be available and required to support your claim.

Current Compensation Payouts for Whiplash Injuries

  • Severe £42,680 - £139,210
  • Moderate £7,410 - £36,120
  • Minor (Up to) £7,410

Don't forget... Using Scotland Claims for a straight forward claim, you are Automatically GUARANTEED to KEEP (*)100% COMPENSATION! No Win No Fee! If you WIN, we take (*)NO FEE from your Compensation (See our example below...)

Our specialist road accident team can deal with all aspects of your car accident including:

  • Personal injury
  • Personal injury for passengers in your vehicle
  • Rehabilitation - we can arrange physiotherapy or other treatment to assist in your recovery at no cost to you
  • Recovery and repair of your vehicle - you pay no excess and your No Claims Discount is unaffected
  • Replacement like for like vehicle whilst your vehicle is off the road being repaired
  • Loss of earnings
  • Recovery of damaged property
  • Travel costs and out of pocket expenses

The treatment for whiplash Injuries depends on the stage and degree of the problem and which structures have been injured. In addition to soft tissue injury, pain that persists after four to six months is usually due to injury to the facet joints, one or more discs, or both. The diagnosis can usually be made by injections, MRI, and X-rays. Treatment is usually successful, but requires physical therapy, injections, and occasionally surgery. The term, whiplash, is confusing because it is both a mechanism of injury and the symptoms caused by a car accident. It is due to a traumatic event that causes the head to move suddenly "whip" in one direction and then recoil in the other direction. The most common cause of whiplash is a motor vehicle accident in which one vehicle is struck from behind by another. However, it can occur when a car stops abruptly after striking a pole, a wall, or another car, and can also occur after a side impact. Significant damage to ligaments, discs, and joints can occur even if the swings of extension and flexion are not excessive, but often the neck is forced to the extreme ends of normal range or beyond. Because the trauma is usually sudden, occupants of the car are not prepared for the impact. The muscles are relaxed, which allows more forces on the discs, ligaments and joints. Perhaps the most important fact about whiplash injuries is that significant pain and structural damage can occur at crashes of low velocity.

(*)100% Compensation. No Win No Fee

Example: For a Moderate Whiplash Injury compensation claim that was awarded £12,000 as settlement, using a (*)100% Compensation Solicitor like Scotland Claims, you would receive £12,000. Using some of the other big brand Solicitors that charge you 25% of your compensation on top of their success fee, you would receive just £8,400. That's £3,600 LESS!! That's a decent new used car you've just given away for absolutely no reason. (£12,000 - 25% = £3,000 * VAT = £3,600).

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(*) For straight forward claims, you will receive 100% Compensation. For Complex claims, you will incur a maximum fee of 15% + VAT. This will be discussed with you.