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Slip or Trip

Scotland Claims can assist you if you have been injured as a result of Slipping, Tripping or Falling on Floors, Pavements, Steps or Ramps in a Public Place. The most common cause of Public Liability claims are when clients trip over Uneven Pavements, fall in Potholes on public roads, going to the local Supermarket and Slipping over produce which was not cleaned up, Faulty Equipment in Playgrounds and Sports Centres. The most common incident is Slipping on Wet Surfaces in a public place. Local Authorities are under a duty to ensure that pavements and public highways are in a safe condition for public use.

Slip and Trip Accidents. Although in recent years, Slip and Trip claims have been been portrayed in a bad light and have been seen to have contributed to the 'Compensation Culture', the truth is they are probably the highest claim category that results in broken bones and specifically for the elderley, result in a broken hip. It is important to note that in pursuing a claim for damages certain parameters are followed. What is vital to a successful Trip and Fall claim is photographic evidence. This means that if you tripped over uneven paving stones in the street or fell into a pothole in the road, you need to take good quality photos of the fault as soon as possible. Ideally, you should place a 50p in the defect then take pictures thus giving an idea of scale. If you are unsure if your incident was caused by the negligence or fault of others then please call our friendly freephone claim assessment helpline and one of our claim advisors will explain if it sounds like you have a claim. Or simply use our call back feature and let us call you.

(*)100% Compensation. No Win No Fee

Example: For a Moderate Whiplash Injury compensation claim that was awarded £12,000 as settlement, using a (*)100% Compensation Solicitor like Scotland Claims, you would receive £12,000. Using some of the other big brand Solicitors that charge you 25% of your compensation on top of their success fee, you would receive just £8,400. That's £3,600 LESS!! That's a decent new used car you've just given away for absolutely no reason. (£12,000 - 25% = £3,000 * VAT = £3,600).

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(*) For straight forward claims, you will receive 100% Compensation. For Complex claims, you will incur a maximum fee of 15% + VAT. This will be discussed with you.