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Accident at Work

Scotland Claims can assist you if you have been injured at work due to an accident in the workplace. This could be as a result of faulty equipment or insufficient/non training or a failure in Health and Safety Regulations. It may be that your injury at work is a result of continual exposure to incorrect working procedures. You have 3 years from the time that the injury occurred, or the disability is diagnosed, to pursue your right to claim. If you are still employed with the employer, don't be afraid of claiming. Your employer will be insured against you pursuing such a claim for which you are legally entitled to do. Your employer has a duty of care to protect you during your employment. With all Accidents at work claims, you need to make sure that the accident book was correctly filled in.

Common Accidents at Work. These include being given incorrect tools for a job, tripping over discarded material on the workplace floor, having to use faulty machinery, lack of training to carry out your job safely. This includes manually lifting or handling training. There can be occassions when you are not issued with protective gloves or equipment that can lead to servere accidents which can lead to the loss of fingers and limbs. Accident at work injuries can possibly lead to financial problems down the line as you may not be able to continue doing the job that you were employed to do. In these cases, making a claim for compensation due to an accident at work would ease these problems and also lead to you getting the best possible treatment to enable you to make a full recovery.

At Scotland Claims, we regularly work with clients who have been asked to work with machines that they have not been fully trained on how to use, or equipment that is missing safety guards or has been modified without updated safety provisions being installed. These kinds of things all increase the risk of injury, and your employer (or in most cases, your employer's insurer) may be responsible for compensating you if your injury is a result of their neglecting to guide you in operating such equipment safely.

100% Compensation. No Win No Fee

Example: For a Moderate Whiplash Injury compensation claim that was awarded £12,000 as settlement, using a 100% Compensation Solicitor like Scotland Claims, you would receive £12,000. Using some of the other big brand Solicitors that charge you 25% of your compensation on top of their success fee, you would receive just £8,400. That's £3,600 LESS!! That's a decent new used car you've just given away for absolutely no reason. (£12,000 - 25% = £3,000 * VAT = £3,600). Simply just THINK about who you use.

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